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Star Wars: Lo Mein

2015-12-02 13:34:47 by tormented-soul

Whoa. 15 years today I made a silly little Star Wars parody called Lo Mein.

I was pretty hated on NG at the time for introducing nude celebrity dress up dolls into the culture. Britney Dress Up was consistently at the top of the Portal ranks, much to the dismay of 'real' animators (and myself.) So I set out to try my hand at a movie.

What resulted was this flash that was part Seinfeld, part Space Balls and all about the gay. It's still evident that I had no idea what I was doing but Tom really liked it and got other people to notice. I still appreciate him pimping it the way he did.

A sequel followed that was kinda rushed but did OK as well.

THEN, 10 years ago, a third installment was to be released. Unfortunately, the files were lost in a hard drive crash and they weren't backed up anywhere. I didn't have the energy to go back from scratch and just let it die.

HOWEVER, one scene survived... in an old email. And it features TOM FULP as Yoda. Here's what almost was.

e: YT link in case you're on a mobile.

"Stop Calling Me Buttmaster!"



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2015-12-02 13:58:12

Of all the parts to survive, I'm glad it was mine!

Now if @kalabor106 will just put out my Krang scene from his TMNT movie...!

tormented-soul responds:

Me too.


2015-12-02 15:03:55

@TomFulp I'm so sorry that it isn't out. Just keep putting it in the back to work on later and its been like 3 or 4 years? Wow how time flies!


2015-12-03 03:36:39

Haha, damn! I remember this from the first time around. I didn't realise it had attracted the haters, though in part that's probably due to how terribly Phantom Menace had turned out.

Aside from the obvious differences with stuff submitted today (like sound quality), this still stands up. Just goes to show what a decent script can do.

Did you do anything after the R2 sketch, or was that it for animating and you? Maybe you should consider approaching some artists with any sketch ideas if you're still writing, but not animating anything yourself.

tormented-soul responds:

@liljim As you know, sound quality was an issue back in those days due to file size. I might have the FLA for Lo Mein on an old 8GB IDE HD somewhere. Maybe I can find and republish.

I have quite a few 'scripts' composed that never saw the light of day. There was another whole series of SW flashes I was going to do after Lo Mein 3 called 'Beggar's Canyon.' Maybe I'll hit the forums one day and see if I can find collaborators.


2016-02-04 06:08:31

glad to see a fellow old time NG member back on here